To tantalise your tastebuds, Pretty Parties has developed an array of flavour combinations fit for any occasion. From luscious lemon and coconut to decadent choc-caramel, the flavours are positively scrumptious!

PLEASE NOTE: All our cakes are masked and filled with 1 layer of our delicious white chocolate ganache

  • Chocolate & Peanut Butter – This chocolate peanut butter cake is like eating a giant Reese’s peanut butter cup, perfect for lovers of this classic flavour combination! ( This flavour is an additional $16.50 per tier )
  • Cookies & Cream – This mouth watering layered white chocolate cake is yet crunchy and creamy with delicious oreo biscuit chunks. These delicious pieces are mixed through our light fluffy cake and layered through our ganache. One piece of this cookies & cream cake is simply not enough! ( This flavour is an additional $11.00 per tier )
  • Raffaello Delight – If you love the almond & coconut flavours of the famous Raffaello truffles, you wont be able to resist this white chocolate, coconut & almond cake. Each of the layers are filled with crushed almonds & raffaello pieces to make this truly unique & delicious. ( This flavour is an additional $16.50 per tier )
  • Fig, chocolate & walnut – Heavenly Vanilla base cake with a blend of figs, crushed walnuts and delicious chunky pieces of caramello chocolate ( There is an additional cost of $27.50 per tier to have this flavour )
  • Lemon & coconut – The sweet, buttery brilliance of coconut is perfectly balanced by a subtle lemon undertone, making for a delicate flavour combination.
  • Lemon & poppy seed This moreish lemon cake is lightly peppered with poppy seeds and lemon zest, giving it a delicate texture and citrus hum – a delectable addition to any party.
  • Lemon & raspberry The sweet, citrus punch delivered by this cake will not disappoint. Deliciously, moist, butter sings with fresh raspberries and lemon zest for that citrus pop!
  • Mango & coconut – This coconut cake is enriched with sweet, fresh mango swirled throughout to create a fruity, harmony of flavours
  • Passionfruit – This scrumptious cake will give you a summer breeze zing. This is one that will definitely get your taste buds going.
  • White Chocolate & raspberry Delicate white chocolate cake balanced with the sweet, tartness of fresh raspberries is a magical combination.
  • White chocolate, raspberry & milk chocolate The heavenly combination of chocolate and white chocolate marble is enhanced by the bitter-sweet tartness of fresh raspberries swirled throughout.
  • Chocolate This one is for the chocoholics out there. Rich chocolate cake is drizzled with chocolate ganache for an intense flavour hit, perfectly balanced by a light, fluffy texture. You’ll be left salivating for more.
  • Milk Chocolate & Caramel – This devilish duo of caramel and milk chocolate is not for the fainthearted. It’s sweet, moist and utterly delectable.
  • Marble Scrumptious white chocolate and chocolate cake are delicately mixed together to give the cake a marbled appearance and a perfectly balanced, bold flavour.
  • Red velvet – This gorgeous, deep-red delight has an undertone of chocolate, which is set off with a creamy white chocolate filling. Pure heaven!
  • White chocolate & caramel A blend of white chocolate and gooey caramel give this cake a sweet, all-embracing flavour hit.
  • White chocolate, coconut with a red velvet swirl –  This absolutely delicious heavenly flavour is a combination of White Chocolate & Coconut with a Red velvet swirl.
  • White chocolate, red velvet & milk chocolate This cake is pure decadence. Layers of white chocolate, red velvet and chocolate are topped with white chocolate ganache to bring out the child in all of us.
  • White chocolate & coconut This heavenly blend of white chocolate and coconut has a subtle sweetness and full-flavour that will truly delight the senses.
  • Jaffa Delicious Chocolate and orange cake are delicately mixed together to give the cake a marbled appearance and a perfectly balanced, bold flavour.
  • Fruit cakeThis traditional cake is a heavenly blend of fruit ( Red glazed cherries, figs, mixed peel and sultanas ) , Nuts ( Walnuts and Almonds)  and spices.


  • Raspberry, lime & coconut – This delicious blend will definitely give you a summer breeze hit! It is definitely a must. ( This flavour is an additional $16.50 per tier )
  • Coconut, lime & passionfruit – For a tropical twist try this coconut, lime & passionfruit combination to tantalise your taste buds.         ( This flavour is an additional $16.50 per tier )
  • Almond summer breeze – This delicious almond based cake is definitely a refreshing treat with a scrumptious swirl of fresh raspberries and mango with a hint of coconut.
  • Rocking poppin smartie pants – This fluffy moist 2 rainbow coloured vanilla based cake (any colour of your choice ) with a surprise swirl of jelly beanies and smarties layered with our delicious white chocolate popping candy ganache. This will definitely make your kids be coming back for more.