Top quality handmade french style macaroons made from Australian blanched almonds, passed on a fine sieve twice and made to order to ensure freshness and quality. All our flavours are of the finest quality and with all natural ingredients.

These are a special edition to any event.
Our macaroons can be ordered in any colour with a range of fillings. We can also decorate the macaroons to add a extra special touch to match your cake or theme.

The following macaroon flavours are available:

•Raffaello                         •Vanilla                   •bubblegum                 •tim tam                     •jasmine                     •Lychee

•hazelnut                         •rose                        •white macadamia     •choc caramel           •choc pistachio         •choc passionfruit

•watermelon                   •tutti frutti              •Coconut Rough         •white chocolate       •milk chocolate        •green tea

•passionfruit                   •redskin                  •lemon                          •strawberry                •raspberry                 •coconut

•coconut pandan            •pistachio              •coffee                          •peanut butter           •butterscotch            •Chocolate peanut

•nutella                             •bounty                   •choc mint                   •jaffa                           •cookies n cream


SPECIALTY FLAVOURS – These are an additional cost to our standard flavours
•Gaytime(Topping)             •Cherry ripe             •Twix                                •Rose Pistachio                         •lamingtons(Topping)

•popcorn( Topping )          •ferrero rocher        •Rose Lychee                   •Salted caramel                         •caramel popcorn(Topping)

•Strawberries & Rose       •Rose Lychee           •Rose Pistachio             •White caramel macadamia


Please note we require a minimum order of 12 macaroons per flavour and colour.